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Asquith Legal focusses on all aspects of wills & estates including estate planning, probate, letters of administration, estate litigation, business succession planning, business formation, unit trusts, discretionary trusts, testamentary trusts, asset protection and elder law. 

Whether you have a young family with children that need protection or you are a grandparent that wants to ensure that your estate is passed on to the people you love, we can assist you with your estate planning, including the preparation of:

  • Simple and complex will (including wills containing testamentary trusts)
  • Enduring Powers of Attorneys
  • Appointments of Enduring Guardian
  • Wills for blended families (including mutual wills agreements)

We can assist you with:

  • Defending and contesting wills
  • Family Provision Claims
  • Disputes about the construction of wills

When someone dies, you usually need to obtain probate or letters of administration.

We can help you with:

  • obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration
  • resealing a grant of probate issued by a court of her “Majesty’s dominion”
  • obtaining grant of probate based on an overseas will
  • obtaining grant of probate based on an informal disposition 

We will provide you with detailed advice about the application process, the costs involved, and how to administer the estate once you have obtained a grant.

Business succession planning is the process of arranging your business affairs now to minimise on your business should the
unexpected happen. 

If you own a small business, we can assist you in planning to avoid, or minimise, the impact on your business due to:

  • death; and
  • total and permanent disablement
If you do not address these issues, your loved ones might be drawn into a long, stressful and expensive dispute with your business partner. 

We can help you to determine whether your will should contain a testamentary trust.

Testamentary trusts are can offer significant tax and asset protection advantages.  For example:

  • Protect important family assets
  • Adult tax thresholds and rates for minor beneficiaries
  • Protection of young or disabled beneficiaries
  • Protection in case of a family breakdown
  • Protection if a beneficiary might become bankrupt

Superannuation does not form part of your estate and cannot be passed on under a will. We can help you to make sure that the superannuation is passed on to the people you love. 

We can help with:

  • Retirement Village contracts
  • Granny flat agreements
  • Nursing home, hostel and home care agreements;

We can help with estates that have an overseas component and:

  • Obtain overseas probate
  • Sell overseas assets
  • Locate overseas beneficiarie

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