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Elder Law

What is Elder Law?

Elder law specifically looks to the protection of the aging population of Australia. Elder law focuses on ensuring the rights and responsibilities of the elderly are adequately protected and continually reviewed. In this way, Elder Law allows for legal issues to be highlighted and rectified to ensure health care, estate planning and elder abuse remain at the forefront of Australian issues.

Elder Law commonly involves:

  • Estate planning for the elderly person.
  • Capacity concerns affecting the decision-making ability of the elderly person.
  • Advice relating to disputes, abuse or discrimination to the elderly person.
  • Financial abuse committed on the elderly person.

At Asquith Legal we are passionate about ensuring our elderly clients are well looked after as they grow older.

Retirement Village Contracts:

If you or a relative are moving into a retirement village, or seeking aged care support, Asquith Legal can assist with the review of retirement village contracts and aged care agreements. 

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