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While estate planning, or just making a will. can be a daunting process, it is important to have a will at every stage of one’s life. Asquith legal has lawyers that can help you with making your will or comprehensive estate plan.

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In a will, you can for example:

  1. Appoint and name the parental guardians for your children/s;
  2. Set up a trust to ensure that your children’s funds are safe should you and your partner pass away;
  3. Determine the person you want to administer your estate
  4. Set up a trust to support the young children or a person with disability;
  5. Express your wishes regarding your funeral & memorial service;
  6. Give money to charities and foundations of philanthropy.

Must I have a will?

There is no legal requirement that you need to make a will. However, having a will provides a number of benefits:

Number of benefits:

  1. The estate administration process if faster and cheaper
  2. No additional documents need to be obtained (e.g. Birth certificates and death certificates)
  3. Everyone knows your wishes
  4. You and not the succession law determines how your assets should be distributed
  5. The estate distribution process faster (meaning your beneficiaries get access to your funds more quickly).
  6. The written record of your wishes is assuring for your family.
  7. You specify precisely how your assets should be distributed.
  8. You provide for your family as you see best.

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