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Reseal of probate

We can help you to have the Australian probate resealed overseas.

International estate planning

If you have assets that are located overseas, the citizenship of another country or a beneficiary is locate overseas, then you need this needs to be taken into account when preparing your estate plan.

Overseas probate

An Australian probate cannot be resealed in every country. We can assist you to obtain probate overseas.

EU Succession Planning

IF you are a citizen of a member state of the European Union, then the EU Succession Regulation 2012/650 applies to you.

International estate administration

We have extensive experience in the administration of overseas estates.

International estates

49% of the Australian population were born overseas or have parents who were born overseas. Often a connection to the country of origin is maintained by keeping or purchasing property in that country. Also, many Australians own overseas property for investment reasons. When the owner of these assets dies, the executor must also deal with the estate assets that are located overseas.

Estate assets overseas- estate planning

If you own assets overseas, it is important that your estate plan and your will take into account the law that applies to the overseas asset. Only when you know which law applies can your estate plan and will be properly drafted. 

Example: Mr Gregg of Sydney, NSW is in de-facto partnership. Mr Gregg has a brother to whom he doesn’t speak. His parents died many years ago. Mr Gregg owns a house in the centre of Berlin, Germany which he inherited from his parents. He dies without a will. Mr Gregg had discussed with his wife that a will ‘would not change much’ because he was leaving everything to her.  She tried to claim the property in Berlin. To her surprise, under German law, the brother inherited the property. This could have been avoided if Mr Gregg had obtained advice and made a will that complies with the formal requirements in Germany.

International estates administration

Whether you are the executor or beneficiary, we can help you with the administration of an overseas estate. We have significant experience in dealing with assets located in countries with different legal systems. We have experience with the administration of overseas estates and have particularly in-depth experience when it comes to estate administration in Germany.  We can help:

  1. Reseal of overseas probate
  2. Apply for probate/letters of administration in the country where the asset is located
  3. Administration of the overseas estate