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Estate planning helps you to look after your loved ones’ future

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We can help you with your will (simple will & complex will; with or without testamentary trust).

Healthcare directive

A healthcare directive lets people know your wishes about healthcare decisions if you cannot make them anymore because you are sick terminally ill or in a coma.


Superannuation does not form part of your estate. We help you to ensure that your superannuation is paid to the people you love.

International Estate Planning

Estate planning for expatriates or when you have assets overseas. We help you to decide whether you need one will or more than one and can assist you to obtain advice on foreign law.

Power of Attorney

It is important to make sure that someone can look after you affairs when you cannot. We help you to get it right.

Testamentary Trusts

A testamentary trust is a trust under your will that will be established on your death, with the purpose of holding and distributing the income or assets of the trust at certain trigger points.

Blended Family

Blended family estate planning requires to balance the interest and need of the spouse and the need and wish to provide for your children.

EU Estate Planning

Estate planning for EU citizens or for anyone with assets in a EU member state under consideration of the EU Succession Regulation 2012/650.

Enduring Guardian

It is important to make sure that someone can look after your health affairs when you cannot do this anymore.

Special disability trust

A special disability trust can help you to plan for the long term care and accommodation needs of a family member with a severe disability.

Business Succession

Business succession planning helps you to plan for the situation when you or your business partner can no longer or does not longer want to be part of the business, for example due to death, illness or retirement, or if you need someone who can look after your business when you cannot.

Estate planning means protecting loved ones

Estate planning is more than preparing a will. It gives you  the opportunity to determine what should happen to your assets when you die and who will be the responsible person who administers your estate.. Estate planning gives you control to determine who should receive and who should not receive a share in the estate. Estate planning also gives you the opportunity to minimise the risk of claims against your estate

Life Planning - planning for life events

Estate planning also has a second component –  planning for life events.

While we don’t like to think about incapacity, it is not unusual to become reliant  on others, either temporarily or indefinitely. This could be because of an accident (by definition, unplanned), illness or old age. Even young people in their 20s can be affected by accidents or illness. Life planning ensures that your wishes are carried out and you are looked after in the way you wish. Usual life planning instruments include an enduring power of attorney and the appointment of one or more enduring guardians.

What happens if I don’t’ have an estate and a life plan?

If you do not have an estate plan or your estate plan is out of date, your estate might not be passed on to the people you love, control of your assets might be transferred to the “wrong” people, your estate might be subjected  to expensive estate litigation (which can also be very stressful for your surviving family).

If you became incapacitated, people might be appointed to make decisions on your behalf who you don’t want to have looking after you anymore, decisions might be made on your behalf you wouldn’t agree with , your loved ones may struggle to make decisions on your behalf because you left no instructions about what you would like to happen.

Estate planning with Asquith Legal

Asquith Legal can help with all aspects of estate and life planning. We offer a free initial estate ‘‘wellness’ check. If you do not have an estate or life plan, we can help get you started .

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